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Chapter ListEdit

Yamabuki Sketch Edit

Prologue Edit

053. Yunocchi, Homeless Edit

054. Next Time, We'll Take Fish Food Edit

055. High-Tech Norisuke Edit

056. Yunocchi Visits Her Hometown Edit

057. Fun-Fun School Trip Edit

058. Happy-Happy School Trip Edit

059. Meanwhile, at the Hidamari Apartments... Edit

060. She Was a Big Sister? Edit

061. I Wanna Try It Too! ♪ Edit

062. Gotta Get the Ramool! Edit

063. Nazuna-san, Homesick Edit

064. A Good Day for Literature Edit

065. Yunocchi, a God Edit

066. Shopper's Paradise Edit

067. Splish-Splish, Squish-Squish Edit



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