Her Highness Yuno
Season One, Episode Ten
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Air date March 15, 2007
Written by ???
Directed by ???
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The Yamabuki FestivalEdit

It is the morning of the Yamabuki Festival; Yuno and Miyako had slept at school overnight to finish some of their projects. Yuno had been putting in last-minute work on her drawing for the individual presentations, but had fallen asleep short of finishing it. When she finds she can't wake Yuno up, Miyako grabs the picture and takes it to the gallery -- unaware that it is not completed.

When Yuno finally wakes up, she finds that she needs to rush to the auditorium for her class's production of Cinderella. She is in charge of the lights, but is so tired that she has a hard time keeping up with the directions. At the end of the play, Yoshinoya rushes backstage, announcing regretfully that the Principal had canceled her planned "post-festival concert" and ignoring her students' performance. As they leave the Auditorium, Sae invites Yuno to lunch while pointing a prop gun at her head from her own class play, but Yuno rushes to the gallery despite not having eaten anything all day.

At the gallery, Yuno is roundly praised for her drawing, but all she can notice is the large patch of white space in the lower center. She is even more embarrassed when she finds that Miyako's entry is a drawing of her looking perplexed.

Unwinding at the BathEdit

That night, the girls all make a trip to the Masanoyu Public Baths. Yuno is embarrassed to see the sign reading "Yunosama" (sama is the honorific used for someone of significantly higher status than oneself, like royalty). As they soak, the girls discuss the events of the day, including Miyako's performance in the play (she played a horse), an annoying audience member who insisted on eating during the play (Miyako could identify everything he ate by smell from onstage) and various other topics including the alternate forms of Dracula (Bat vs Wolf).

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Episode TriviaEdit

  • The pistol scene outside the auditorium refers to a scene that is earlier in the manga but does not appear in the anime until the second season.
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