Maiko Kishi
Maiko Kishi
Maiko Kishi in The Wolf of the Shinjuku Backstreets
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
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Height Unknown
Home Unknown
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Technical Details
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Voice Actor Tomoe Hanba

Maiko Kishi (岸麻衣子 Kishi Maiko) is a filmmaker who graduated from Yamabuki High School. It was not until she was attending classes at Yamabuki that she discovered her passion for camerawork. She comes to visit her former teacher Yoshinoya's class to ask students about their dreams for the future.

Her parents are very doting and rather overprotective, to the point where they recorded a video of themselves crying over how much they miss having her at home.

Her film "The Wolf of the Shinjuku Backstreets" won the special prize in the 28th Blue Sky Foods Film Contest.

She is the first of only two characters in the entire series to have both a given and family name known. The other is Kento Yoshinoya.

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