Lovely Detective Magical Chocolat is a long-running anime series in the Hidamari Sketch universe. Little is known about it except that it is about a young girl who solves mysteries and has a dim-witted male sidekick.

The series was a favorite of all the Hidamari tenants growing up, but there is a scene where they are attempting to watch the show, and regretting that both as young adults and as aspiring artists they see flaws in the show that they did not notice as children.

Sae has imitated Chocolat on occasion, when the group is confronted with something mysterious like Miyako's apartment .



  • Lovely Detective Magical Chocolat could be modeled after the long-running mystery anime Detective Conan. (aka Case Closed in North American release).
  • The female character "could possibly" be Behoimi.
  • The male character resembles "coincidentally" Itoshiki Nozomu.

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