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Hidamari Sketch is the stand-alone title of the first season of the anime series animated by SHAFT Studios and licensed by Sentai Filmworks. It debuted in Japan on January 11, 2007 and ran through March.

The events of the season covers various parts of Yuno's freshman year at Yamabuki High School, along with her first year as a Hidamari Apartments tenant. The episodes are episodic (i.e. not in chronological order), but they mainly consists of the time frame before Hoshimittsu.

Episodes ListEdit

In Progress

Episode List for Hidamari Sketch
Episode Summary
A Winter's Collage (Jan. 11)
Japan's Summer (Aug. 21)
... Or an Indian (June 17)
The Singing Shortcake (May 18)
Heart and Body (Feb. 13)
Cool and Comfy (July 14)
Stormy Drying Agent (Oct. 12)
3% of Hope (Mar. 13)
The Wolf of the Shinjuku Backstreets (Sep. 4)
Her Highness Yuno (Nov. 3)
A Round Cabbage (Apr. 28)
Goodbye, Ume-Sensei (Dec. 25)
Put Her Back Where She Was (Aug. 11)
Is It Love? (Nov. 27)


MyAnimeList has Hidamari Sketch rated at a 7.55/10 by ~13,300 registered users and the series ranks on the site rank at about #1300.


In Progress

  • The Opening Song is called Sketch Switch. The Ending Song is Marble's Mebae Drive (Budding Drive).


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