Destiny Land entrance

Destiny Land's entrance

Destiny Land (デスティニーランド) is an amusement park in the Hidamari Sketch universe. It is a parody of Tokyo DisneySea. Its mascot is a rabbit named Tiny (ティーニー Tīnī).

The entrance is elaborately decorated and there is even a castle. At night, a parade of carriages adorned with festive lights passes through.

The Hidamari Apartments residents went here during their summer vacation. Yoshinoya has also been to the park, although she claims she was "studying."

Attractions Edit

  • Starlight Ride
  • Arcade
  • Tiny's Restaurant
  • Jungle expedition boat ride
  • Space Jet Go

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The mascot's name comes from the "tiny" in destiny. However, it is pronounced more like "Teeny."
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