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• 6/22/2015

Screenshots with Captions

A simple thing that needs to be addressed (due to my own preferences... how selfish of me) is having screenshots with captions still in. I personally think it is not the way to go when adding the gallery of an episode in.

So... Should we have captions in the screenshots or not?

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• 6/22/2015

At the moment I do not have a way to get some of them I want without them. I don't see it as a particular issue, any more than posting a panel from the comic and not removing the dialogue bubbles.  The sources for my screenshots have hard subtitles and I don't see the point of Photoshopping them out (not do I have the software or skill to do it).

Although I see your point as more of an aesthetic concern. They probably don't look as good as "clean" screenshots.

Tell you what. I'm going to see if I can find a copy of S1e11 where I can switch off the subtitles. If I can, I can try to recreate the screenshots you're concerned about. Fair?

• 6/22/2015

I was given some Torrents by an anonymous source. I plan on trying them out as soon as my vacation ends.

From what I have done for screenshots currently is try to pinpoint a frame where the subtitles disappear and screenshot that instead. That is my current method of dealing with them. However, some scenes will be missed. You can try whatever.

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